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Pediatric Dentistry

Whether your child is visiting us for a routine cleaning appointment or to tackle a sugar bug, at Surfside kids dental the needs of your child is being met on an individual bases. Our caring pediatric dentist and knowledgeable staff understands, at times, anxiety comes to children with just the thought of seeing a dentist. At Surfside, our caring empathetic staff is here to ease the fear of going to a dentist. We offer state of the art equipment, movies to watch, and communicate with your child so the know what to expect from bringing to end.

When can you bring your child in for the first check up? Why is it important?

Per the American Pediatric Dental Association, establishing a dental home for your child when the first tooth appears, or no later than his/her first birthday can help prevent dental problems.


While most dentists can recommend an orthodontist for their clients, at Surfside you don’t even have to leave the office!

Having your dentist and orthodontist in the same office means they can share information instantly and recommend the best procedures to one another.

Orthodontics is much more than just the straightening of teeth. It’s a specialized branch of dental care that also focuses on jaw structure and function. Our orthodontists specialize in correcting dental issues which are unique to children.


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Meet Our Doctors


Viviene Valdez
Pediatric Specialist

Viviene Valdez grew up in Australia and moved to Ohio to attend undergraduate school at The Ohio State University.  She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from New York University. Dr. Viviene continued her education with a General Practice Residency at St. Barnabas Hospital, Bronx and a Pediatric Dental Residency at the same Level 1 trauma hospital.

After residency, Dr. Viviene moved to California and is happy to call the Bay Area her home with her husband and son, Davian. In her spare time, Dr. Viviene enjoys cooking, hiking, biking and traveling.

Dr Jawale

Dr. Jawale
General Dentist
(Exclusive Children)

Dr. Jawale grew up in India where she finished (recieved) her Bachelors and Masters in Dental Surgery (BDS and MDS) prior to moving to Melbourne, Australia in 1993. She practiced all facets of dentistry and became a honorary faculty member at The University of Melbourne and The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne.
Dr. Jawale moved to California in 2006 with her husband and two kids, she has been working with kids exclusively since.
Dr. Jawale finds working with kids a perfect balance of fun and challenge.
When not in the office she loves going to movies, reading, and traveling.