About Us

Founded in 2013, we only use brand new, top-of-the-line office equipment. We are fully dedicated to pediatric dental, orthodontics and our clients’ comfort.

Surfside Kids Dental is the place where smiles come true. It’s a magical environment, where the finest pediatric and orthodontic dental care is combined with an enjoyable experience for kids and parents alike. Surfside Kids Dental provides comprehensive dental care in a single location.

Surfside Kids Dental is the only dentist office where, after you leave, both you and your kids will feel like they just spent a day at the beach. You will love the peace of mind afforded to you and your children both in our reception area and offices.


Pediatric Dentistry

Whether your child is visiting us for a routine cleaning appointment or to tackle a sugar bug, at Surfside kids dental the needs of your child is being met on an individual bases. Our caring pediatric dentist and knowledgeable staff understands, at times, anxiety comes to children with just the thought of seeing a dentist. At Surfside, our caring empathetic staff is here to ease the fear of going to a dentist. We offer state of the art equipment, movies to watch, and communicate with your child so the know what to expect from bringing to end.

When can you bring your child in for the first check up? Why is it important?

Per the American Pediatric Dental Association, establishing a dental home for your child when the first tooth appears, or no later than his/her first birthday can help prevent dental problems.


At Surfside Kids Dental, our patients are treated in an enchanting setting that must be seen and experienced to be believed.  Take a look at the images below for a sneak peek at our beach-themed office.

Where going to the dentist is like a day at the beach.