Twin-Force Bite Corrector Information

Twin-Force Bite Corrector Information Twin-Force Bite Corrector is a device that will properly align your upper and lower jaw. It is an effective approach than elastics and cannot be removed. [...]


Orthodontic Separators The purpose of separators is to create space between your back molars between your teeth, in an effort to allow for orthodontic “bands” to fit around your teeth properly. [...]

Maxillary Expansion Appliances Instructions

The Maxillary Expansion Appliances are used to expand your upper jaw. The key that we gave you fits into your appliance, please follow the suggested schedule for turning the appliance with the [...]

Caring for Your Retainer

Instructions on how to care and wear your retainer: Wear your retainer full time, except while eating or playing sports. Brush your retainer every night with your toothbrush and toothpaste. You [...]

Rubberband Use Instructions

Rubber bands are worn during the working phase of orthodontic treatment. They are in place to correct and align your bite. This is typically the longest and most difficult part of treatment. In [...]

Eating with Braces

Eating with Braces Now that you have braces, we have some eating tips to ensure the best care for your new braces. The list below displays great examples of types of foods you can enjoy and avoid [...]

Brushing with Braces

Brushing with Braces Keeping your teeth and braces clean is very important. To reduce staining and decay, we recommend brushing in the morning, in between meals and at night.  Avoid sugary foods [...]

Soreness and Discomfort Solutions for Those with Braces

Soreness solutions for those with braces During the first few weeks of wearing your braces, your mouth and teeth will feel sore and tender. Your teeth may even feel loose and wiggly. Not to [...]

Pokey Wire or Broken Bracket Instructions

If an appliance breaks or you have a loose bracket, don’t panic and don’t try to bend the wire or pull it out. Follow these simple steps to assist with the concern until you can see your [...]

Should I Stop My Child From Thumb-Sucking?

Should I Stop My Child From Thumb-Sucking? Thumb-sucking is a natural reflex for babies. This is a habit that can be seen even among infants in the womb. Babies suck their thumbs to feel happy [...]