Are Gummy Vitamins Healthy For Kids?

Vitamins are essential for the growth and development of children. That is why many parents provide their children with supplements like gummy vitamins. For some parents of picky eaters, gummy [...]


Celebrate National Orthodontic Month

Everybody looks forward to October – well, actually, it’s often the end of October because of the candy-fest that is Halloween. Young and old look forward to all the sweet treats they’ll get [...]


Care After a Braces Adjustment Appointment

How To Deal With Sore Teeth With Braces If you or your child has never had braces, you may not know that once they are applied the child will return every 4-8 weeks for new rubber bands or an [...]


Back to School Braces

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Get Braces  Time sure goes by fast and for most school districts in Northern California we are in full blow back to school mode! Preparations are in order to get [...]


Kids Moving & Dental Health Connection

Fun in the Nor Cal Sun! When the sun is out or the tide is in, it’s time to get outside and move your body. We know exercise is good for the body, but what does it do for your oral health? A [...]


A Parent’s Guide to Invisalign for Teens

When your child becomes a teenager, her body will begin to exhibit changes that she may suddenly feel self-conscious about — especially if these changes can be immediately noticeable to other [...]


The Tooth Decay Process in Kids

The Tooth Decay Process In Kids (And How To Prevent It) Most children are naturally drawn to sweet food. It is therefore highly possible that people were born with not just one sweet tooth; there [...]


Braces vs. Invisalign: The Pros and Cons?

When it comes to your child’s teeth, it is important to be fully aware and mindful of the pros and cons of any recommended dental procedure or treatment so that you can make the right choices.


Orthodontic Care for the Whole Family!

Expert Orthodontic care can help to make dental hygiene easier and more effective over time. By addressing degenerative conditions such as teeth crowding, cross bite, overbites, underbites, [...]


Helping Kids Adjust to New Braces

Deciding to invest in braces for your pre-teen or teen is not an easy choice to make. But now that you are finally doing it, there are some things that you need to know so that adjusting to new [...]

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